Everything You Need to Know Before Betting Your Money

Casino Online


With the arrival of coronavirus in the United States at the end of February, casinos across the nation were mandated to shutdown until the pandemic was under control. Here we are in June 2020 with many of the 910 physical casino locations still closed, forcing casino-lovers to consider alternative options. 

With this newfound demand in online gambling, online casinos have been tin the spotlight for a few months now. Since you can’t physically walk into a casino, why not enjoy the splendor, the risk, and the reward of a casino right from the internet? Exactly. 

People around the world want to know more about how they can bet their money through their laptop or mobile device, without making any big mistakes. We applaud you for taking this initiative. 

How Online Casinos Work

At their most basic form, online casinos are exactly like physical casinos, except entirely digital. They can be a lot of fun, perfectly safe, and also present you with opportunity for making money. They are pretty straightforward, even if you’re not a technology wizard, and they can come very, very close to satisfying your typical casino appetite. 

However, despite the ease of use, online gambling and accessing online casinos can still be daunting for people. Therefore, we’re ready to breakdown everything you need to know about online casinos before you engage these online betting rooms without any prior knowledge. 

Here at E-business4us, we’re poised to present online casino secrets to you. Are you ready to get started? Let’s start with the basics.

Chapter 1: Fun and Safety

The two most important elements of leveraging casinos online are that you have fun while maintaining safety over your autonomy and wallet. One of the dangers of online casinos is that you can bet your money much more quickly, through multiple avenues, without even leaving your chair. Additionally, there are scam casinos online posing to be real casinos, hoping to steal your credit card information. All of this can be avoided with a little background research.

→ Finding Your Casino

Not all online casinos are created equal, which is why the first part of the online gambling process is to find your casino. If you have interest in a specific casino, look for features that match your requirements. Additionally, look for casinos with a variety of gaming selections, as well as Welcome Bonuses for new members.

Of course, you can be picky in your online casino gambling selection. Look for the casinos that allow you to play your favorite casino games to earn that bonus. 

If you’re brand new to gambling and you’re unsure of which games will make you happy, opt for an online casino that has hundreds of betting options. You can also engage free online casino platforms and games, at first, to get to know your preference before you start betting money. Take your time and enjoy the betting process.  

→ How Do I Know if an Online Casino is Legitimate?

As mentioned, there are rogue online casinos out there that can put your personal payment information in jeopardy. They have been known to rig games, offer outrageous terms, and delay payments if you are lucky enough to win any money. Since there is a huge volume of online casinos out there, here are a few tips for identifying if they are legitimate or not:

•    Ranking List: Gambling sites come with a ranking list that helps you determine their legitimacy. No only do these websites have numerical rankings, but they also have detailed reviews you can read. 

•    Bonus Table: The site should have a bonus tab with a clear breakdown of how the bonuses work. There should be nothing vague about it.

•    Seal of Approval: Online casinos that meet the highest standards receive what is known as a “Seal of Approval.” The seal is typically found on the homepage, or on the front page, when a casino has earned it. For a website to receive this seal, they need to have reliable payouts, fair odds with their games, and a fair terms and conditions page that includes nothing insane.

For every good casino, there’s still a bad one that has been blacklisted. This occurs if the casinos offer 50x or 100x rollover amounts, making the process of ever cashing out money impossible. They are also blacklisted for unethical behavior with their games, like having loose games when gaming for free, etc. They can also make the odds so impossible, you never win.
The biggest reason sites are blacklisted are if they never pay out to you. You can check out the list of blacklisted sites here:

→ Read the Terms & Conditions

We often land on big websites, shopping sites, etc. today and fail to read the terms and conditions. These are a set of rules and requirements set out by the website that you are agreeing to when you use the websites. When it comes to gambling, that can be a riskier activity than shopping, which is why we implore you to read these terms and conditions before you go any farther.

In most casinos, the casino will require you to read these terms and conditions before you enter the site. Don’t just click “agree” to get in and start gambling. Look for shady clauses within the terms and conditions, like sketchy payout periods, no guarantee of payment, money processing irregularities, etc. Anything out of the ordinary will become apparent if you take the time to read the whole page.

→ Who is Allowed to Gamble on These Sites?

In the United States, you must be 18-years-of-age or older to participate in online gambling. You must also have a valid credit card that enables you to make deposits into your casino account. The card must be registered in your own name, to ensure you are aware of the maximum balances and money being used for betting.

In order to protect your credit card information, gambling sites will allow you to make transactions through an alternative payment method. The casino will have a list of alternative payment methods that they accept (it can vary per casino). Typically, these choices are the same across each country.

Lastly, to protect your information and identity, you will want to use a new email address that is not associated with your bills, bank account, or work place. This email is where you will view all bonus offers and discounts that the casino pushes out on a weekly basis. You can create a free account through Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! etc. and use it every time you sign up for a new casino. Look over what kind of personal information you have plugged into the gambling email.

At the end of the day, when choosing a casino, the most important thing to consider is its reliability. Looking for a high numerical ranking, a seal of approval, lack of blacklisting, and a variety of games you can enjoy.

Chapter 2: Setting a Budget

We all know at this point that an online casino can be a great form of entertainment. In the middle of social distancing, for many, it can be their sanity or moment they can enjoy by themselves, in peace. However, it’s still a “vice” in a certain capacity, which means you need to set a budget and spending caps to ensure you can have fun without putting yourself in any kind of serious financial situation. 

Therefore, you will need to set limits for:

•    Daily: This is the maximum amount of money you can spend each day gambling without impacting your payments, bills, etc. It is recommended you check with your spouse or anyone else signed to your account before you engage in daily betting.

•    Weekly: How much money are you prepared to spend in a week? This can include betting every day, or going bigger with betting on one or two days.

•    Monthly: What is the overall bet you are willing to make every month? This is the biggest number that needs to be reconciled with your bank statements to ensure you are not jeopardizing your future.

When budgeting, you will also have to account for the fact if you win or lose. In most cases, it’s best to assume you will be losing this money with no payback, configuring a maximum budget that can withstand this losing.

→ Keep Betting Records

Like anything addicting, from drinking to shopping for clothing, you need to keep records of how many games you have played. It’s easy to forget and dive down a rabbit hole, betting for 7, 8, or 9-horus at a time. Having these records will enable you to not only budget, but to also see how many times you are gambling so you can better control your habit. This numerical figure can be sobering for many, helping them to reel in their gambling love and minimize it to just a few times per week.

→ Create a Casino Folder

Don’t just throw your casino information all over your computer and email. You need to keep it centralized and organized for easy access. Additionally, you need these files in one place so you can notice trends or changes in your gambling. Create a special folder on your hard drive and keep all casino-related downloads and information in that one place.

→ Recognizing Addiction

Are you aware of the signs of addiction? They can be as follows: agitation if someone prevents you from accessing the addiction, lying to ensure you can feed the addiction, spending all of your money to engage the addiction, doing it alone where no one can see you, etc. It’s important to stay aware of the obvious signs of addiction so you can enjoy online gambling with ease.

•    Play games where the House edge is lowest: The casino will always have a House edge over you. However, you don’t need to just play the game they recommend. Go through the site and look for games where the House edge is at its lowest so you have the highest earning potential.

•    Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack: These three games often come with the lowest House advantage, if one at all, when betting online

•    Look out for bets that are too good to be true: Many online casinos will offer unique side bets on Blackjack that include huge payouts. Don’t be deceived if the offer seems to good to be true – it probably is. The massive House edge will squeeze you out of any winnings..

Chapter 3: Making Money
with Online Casinos

There are many online gambling gurus that know how to make money with online casinos. Now, this isn’t something anyone can do right out of the starting gates. However, it is certainly something you can consider if you want to spend a lot of time educating yourself on online casino expertise. Here are some of our final tips for maximizing your earning potential:

•    Low bank roll bet: To protect yourself from betting variance, most gambler swill bet only a fraction of their entire bankroll (less than 1%) at any given time. Their bank roll will therefore be intact should they lose it all during the game.

•    Look for loyalty rewards: Sure, bonuses are great to grab and access weekly, but look for loyalty programs and rewards that will provide you with steady payouts every month. These loyalty rewards can add up to much more than a bonus here and there.

•    Play on fair sites: As mentioned in the first chapter, do your due diligence to ensure you are using an online casino that actually pays out.


And there you have it! You have made it to the end of Online Casinos 101. We have done our best to break down everything you need to know when getting started in the world of online gambling, ensuring you will be protected, educated, and aware of what’s most important. 
There’s a whole online world of casino gambling waiting to enchant you. Have fun and remember the facts.

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